Small Business Booking System

Save time and create an experience your customers will love

A better way to manage bookings

All the features you need to reduce admin and grow your business.

User friendly booking process

Streamlined booking process allowing users to book multiple sessions for multiple attendees. No lengthy tutorials needed. Optimized for mobile, tablets, and computers, ensuring a hassle-free experience for your clients.

Streamlined booking process

Custom attendee form

Easily collect the information you need from your clients, such as experience levels or special requirements. This information is automatically saved for future bookings, making it easier for both you and your clients.

Custom booking form to suit your business needs

Professional listing pages

Create professional listing pages in seconds with our easy-to-use platform. Add images, separate descriptions into sections, and upload attachments with ease to impress your clients and promote your business.

Create professional looking listing pages in seconds

Built-in sales and marketing tools

Take your business to the next level with our built-in sales and marketing tools. Set up session passes to encourage block purchases, configure custom discount rules, and share special discount codes to supercharge your business.

Easily purchase session passes


Trusted to handle thousands of bookings each month

“Using Pembee for my event bookings and registration has cut down my admin time immeasurably. I had got to a point where I felt swamped by the volume of paperwork created by my small but busy business and Pembee has saved the day!”

Claire Hughes
Woodland Nurture

“Fantastic. Easy to use, support is incredible and we have much happier users.”

Tom King
Starlings Appleton Thorn

“I am blown away by the level of support and service from Pembee, the team have helped me set up the app and tweak it to get it working exactly as I want it. I can't fault any step of the process.”

Louise Regan
Dorset Wild One

“So easy to use, great for customers and staff. Clean and crisp front end for parents - easily operated back end for staff. We tried 2 others before this and both were heavily flawed with by support or quality - this system has both.”

Colin Heath
Allstars Sports Group

“Just absolutely fantastic. I am super impressed with their system and also their customer support.”

James Boit
Crazy Camps

“Such an amazing piece of software after trialling a few, Pembee is very easy to use and has solved a problem that we encountered!”

Jade Keevins
Kangaroo UK

“Amazing app for my business. Helpful and easy to use, plus the online support is amazing from the team.”

Katie Taylor
Inspire Sports Academy

“Amazing. Not only a great and easy to use platform but brilliant customer service. Pembee has been a game changer for me. From using a previous booking system, my workload has been cut in half - more than half! Cannot recommend enough.”

Charlotte Carrington
Multisports For Schools

“Our previous booking system was going offline and we needed a replacement, Pembee worked with us to ensure their system could offer everything we needed to continue the smooth running of our business. Pembee customer support is second to none. Setting up the system was straightforward and there was always someone on hand to help with any queries we had.”

Nancy O’Brien
Jason's Totally Tennis
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Enable your business to be more efficient

An online booking system for your small business can create a great experience for your customers and save considerable admin time. Say goodbye to the hours spent taking phone enquiries, managing spreadsheets of bookings and chasing payments.

The small businesses who use Pembee typically receive around 100 bookings each week. If these were handled manually they'd likely each take at least 5 minutes to be dealt with, equivalent to 8.3 hours each week. As a small business, that's no doubt a lot of valuable time saved by moving to an online booking system!

A better customer experience

Offering your customers the ability to book at any time of day enables them to book at their own convenience using their phone, laptop or tablet. They simply select the activity sessions they wish to book, fill our the required attendee information and complete payment. An email confirmation will be sent to them with all the details of the booking.

The booking system that helps your business grow

Pembee allows you to create a site to take bookings for your activities (you can think of us like Shopify for activities businesses). The initial set up process is pretty straightforward and will take minutes not hours!

Create a professional activity listing page in minutes

After registering your site, the first step is to create an activity page. This can include pictures and have documents attached to it. You'll set the dates for the activity sessions and are able to set a place limit for each one.

Tailor ticket and pricing options

Different ticket options can be created for an activity. These can price each activity session individually or sell a block of sessions together. If selling a block of sessions, you can set a pro-rata the price so the cost if reduced for any sessions that have already past.

Another available pricing option is to create discount rules where the customer will receive a discount if booking a certain amount of sessions (e.g. you can offer 10% off if they book more than 5 sessions). You can also offer a discount if a customer books in multiple attendees.

You can create discount codes to offer certain customers a discount on their booking. These can be set up so that they can only ve used if the booking is made within a certain date period. You can also specify a minumum booking amount for the discount code to be valid.

Session passes can be sold up front where a customer can pay for a number of credits which typically have an expiration set on them for around 12 months. As they place session bookings the credits will be deducted from their account.

Customise attendee questionnaire during checkout

As part of the booking process, your customers will complete the attendee details for the person attending the activity. The questions asked can be configured to be anything you want. For example, you can ask them to enter their experience level, medical details etc. All of this information will be stored in the Small Business Booking System so they don't have to enter it again.

Handle payments with ease

We integrate with Stripe to handle credit and debit card payments. They process payments on over 3 million websites around the world so your customers can make payments with confidence. If you wish, you can also enable offline payment methods such as cash or bank transfers and manually record when you receive these.

Powerful admin tools to supercharge small business owners

Upon completing a booking, the customer will receive a confirmation email with full details of everything they have booked as well as any payment instructions. They can also access their booking history by going to the My Account area of the site. Less time on sending manual emails and more time to focus on growing your business.

The admin area is where you, the small business owner, can access details of all bookings placed. If you do need to take any bookings over the phone, you can use the admin area to manually add bookings. You can then send a link to the customer where they can make payment for the booking.

A session register can be viewed for each activity session, containing details of all the attendees. This can be downloaded as a CSV or PDF document. You can give staff members access to registers, whilst restricting them from being able to see any financial information.

You can also send a bulk email to all customers who have booked an activity session. This can be used to send a reminder to the customer or to inform them of any changes to the activity.

As a small business owner, financial information will no doubt be very important to you. The reports section in the admin area allows you to view the sales count revenue data for each of your activities and easily identify valuable business insights.

The data is yours and nobody else's

We don't store your data in some crazy database hidden away in an obscure place. The small business booking system enables you to access exports of your bookings, customer and attendee records at any time. We'll also never pass on any of your data to third parties.

Get started today

Setting up a Pembee site is straightforward but we're here to help you if you need any assistance. Our small and friendly team is available to help if you have any questions. We aim to respond to all queries within a few hours, if not sooner. In addition, we have a Help Centre with extensive guides on using the application. You can also book a demo where we can walk you through all of Pembee's functionality.

Sign up today and explore the system - no payment details required, and no strings attached. For 30 days, you will have access to all features of the small business booking system free of charge.

Anything you organise, we have the solution for you.

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